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What can I expect when I join a Clinical Trial?

You will be given a written Informed Consent to read; all of your questions will be answered to your satisfaction prior to any other testing or procedures being performed. All procedures and tests are outlined clearly in the written Informed Consent. In many trials, volunteers receive a complete physical examination. In addition, your medical history will be reviewed thoroughly. Some trials require lab tests. Your health will continue to be monitored during the trial.

Who can join a Clinical Trial?

All trials have guidelines for participation called Inclusion Criteria which allow you to participate and Exclusion Criteria which do not allow you to participate. Most of these criteria pertain to the disease under study, previous treatments for that disease, or other medical diagnoses.

What are the Risks and Benefits of joining a Clinical Trial?

Some Possible Benefits Include:

Some Possible Risks Include:

For more information on a clinical trial, contact Jenon or Mary:

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Mary Montano Niles, COT/CCRP

Clinical Research Coordinator - Retina
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