Dermal Fillers

How are wrinkles corrected?

Juvederm LogoThe appearance of wrinkles and facial folds can be smoothed by adding volume underneath and bringing the skin back up to the surface. Generally, this is done by injecting materials called “dermal fillers” into the skin, to achieve a temporary effect.

What is a dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are compounds that can be safely injected below the surface to raise the level of the skin. Examples of dermal fillers are collagen and hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural complex sugar found in all mammals. It’s a major component of the dermis connective tissue matrix.

HA retains water like a sponge, absorbing more than 1000 times its weight. This helps to attract and maintain water, hydrating your skin and increasing its volume and density. HA is also involved with the transport of essential nutrients to the skin’s viable cells.


What is JUVEDERM'” injectable gel?

  • JUVEDERM® injectable gel is a family of hyaluronic acid injectable gels from Allergan, Inc. for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.
  • JUVEDERM® Ultra injectable gel is optimally formulated for versatility in contouring and volumizing wrinkles and folds.
  • JUVEDERM® Ultra Plus injectable gel is a robust formulation for volumizing and correcting deeper wrinkles and folds.

How is JUVEDERM'” injectable gel different?

JUVEDERM® injectable gel is produced through HYLACROSS® technology, cross-linking high concentrations of HA and still maintaining a smooth product.

During the cross-linking phase of manufacturing, hyaluronic acid chains are “tied” to each other by chemical bonding; in effect, interconnecting many strands of HA. Unless hyaluronic acid is cross-linked, it will be absorbed by the body and persist for only about a week.

HYLACROSS® technology results in a smooth-consistency gel, which is a primary factor in the smooth, natural look and feel that is a hallmark of JUVEDERM® injectable gel wrinkle correction.


What happens before treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel?

Your healthcare professional will assess your facial wrinkles and folds and determine if treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel is appropriate for you.

Can this be done in the office?

Yes, wrinkle correction with JUVEDERM® injectable gel is an in-office procedure.

What happens during treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel?

You sit in a chair while your physician injects JUVEDERM® injectable gel. There can be a bit of discomfort during any wrinkle correction, and you can discuss with your healthcare professional whether you would like pain management during treatment.

How long does treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel take?

It generally takes about 30 to 45 minutes for a consultation and treatment.

What happens after treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel?

Your physician will review with you what to expect following treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel. And we will send you home with details for aftercare treatment.

  • Generally, you should avoid the following for at least 24 hours:
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Extended exposure to sun or heat

Exposure to any of the above may cause temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching at the injection sites. If you have to swell at the injection site, you can apply an ice pack for a brief period. Your healthcare professional will inform you when you can apply makeup after your treatment.

Remember that correction is temporary and touch-up injections, as well as repeat injections, are usually needed to maintain optimal correction with any dermal filler, including JUVEDERM® injectable gel. If you have any questions or concerns about your JUVEDERM® treatment, contact us.

How long does JUVEDERM® injectable gel last?

Treatment with JUVEDERM® injectable gel lasts up to 6 months or longer.