We appreciate the trust you place in Eye Associates of New Mexico each time you refer a patient to us. We have created this page for your convenience in contacting us, scheduling your patient's appointments or downloading information that will make your referring process easy.

To Contact Us:

Please call our Patient Referral Representatives to book a Consult, Follow-Up or Surgery for a patient at:

505-345-4433 (ABQ) or 877-345-4433 (NM)

Submit an Online Form

Fax:  Fax all Consult Requests and Surgery Post-Op Exam forms to our Doctor 2 Doctor fax line at 866-784-3083.

E-Mail: If you have questions regarding your patients and want to e-mail our Referral Services Manager or Provider Referral Representatives, this email is checked throughout the day,

Directions and Maps: Dr2Dr will supply you with maps of our clinic locations that you can hand to your patient. These maps also have a section to fill in the appointment information for the scheduled appointment. To order your supply of maps, please e-mail or call Dr2Dr with your requests for whichever clinic you need,