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We proudly offer New Mexico a premier team of eye care professionals. From ophthalmologists to optometrists, we make sure we have the team members you need to take care of your eye care needs. At Eye Associates of New Mexico, we want only the best experience for you, inside and outside the office. That is why we have a professional medical website design that portrays our commitment to not only eye care but client experience.

Using our website gives you a clear view of what Eye Associates of New Mexico is all about. Our home page gives you a snapshot of all of the services that we offer, patient information as well as easy navigation to get you from place to place.

Our Design Is User-Friendly

We make it a point to make sure our websites are not only user-friendly on a desktop but also on a mobile device. With the recent advancements in technology, a user is more likely to search the web with their phones rather than their desktop. With client use in mind, we make sure our site is clear of basic errors that make it harder for you to use our site.

Office Resources

We know that standing in the waiting room while you have to fill out the paperwork can be boring, that is why we have a patient information portal just for you. The patient information portal allows you to make online payments, view insurance information, request an appointment and even order contact lenses. This makes it easy for you to get what you need to be done outside of the office. Even for the clients that would like to educate themselves more on ophthalmology, we have an eye education section.

We also have pages dedicated to the services we offer. From the laser vision correction procedures like LASIK & cataract surgery to a simple eye exam. We inform you about your consultation, possible procedures available and the recovery time.

Stay Up To Date With Us

Not only does our website give you a wealth of medical information about our services, but we also make sure you are kept up to date on anything new with Eye Associates of New Mexico. At the bottom of each page, you will see that we provide links to our social media accounts. We are also always keeping our website content up to date with new services and new technology we use for our procedures.

Find Our Locations With Ease

We realize that we have many locations throughout the New Mexico state, that is why we make it super simple to find them all on our websites. Our main location page gives you a quick overview of where each of our locations is, and each location has an individual location page that allows you to see the driving directions, facility map, clinic director and eye care services and the doctors who only serve that location. This allows you to see all of the information about each of our specific locations.

About Our Medical Website Design Company

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