Patient Testimonials

“Thank you, Dr. Vroman, for your kind attention and great skill.

Dear Dr. Craig Vroman, Thank you for doing such an excellent job on my face yesterday. The swelling and bruising is already subsiding. Your 6’0’ stitching is barely visible. You have my total trust.

“Dear Dr. Vroman: Thank you for so skillfully correcting my eyelids’ problems. I have received many compliments to recommend you to my friends.

“To whom it may concern: Thank you for the care and concern, as well as, the efficiency given to me. A special thanks to Nurse Lynn who, literally, baby sat me for my anxiety about my husband. Thanks.

“Dr. Vroman and Nurse: I appreciate everyone’s kindness. Happy Halloween! God Bless You!

I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated your care, support and kindness through this process. Thank you. Many Blessings.

“Dr. Vroman, I don’t think I could ever express how grateful I am. You really have changed my life! Thank you for everything you have done for me! I am truly blessed to have met you! Again, thank you so much!!!

“Dear Doctor Vroman! I’d like to thank you again for performing such a precise and skilled re-constructive eye surgery on me! You are a terrific Surgeon and your expertise in the re-constructive field is phenomenal. Thank you again for taking the best possible care of me. I so appreciate it!

-Your Patient.

“Dear Dr. Vroman: Thank you for an exceptional surgery experience. I have never encountered such compassion, kindness and humor in any medical setting. You are one in a million. If you ever tire of doing a blind hem stitch on sagging eyelids, you could have a thriving career teaching other surgeons about outcomes through positive treatment….”

List of Wonderful Elements:

  • Tesla and Debbie come out to the waiting room and introduce themselves..explain they’ll both be with me the whole time.
  • Take me in and talk with me…really talk WITH me in an interesting, focused way.
  • Answer my questions very candidly.
  • Warm greeting from Dr. Vroman.
  • Move into OR and I am treated so kindly.
  • Blanket
  • Music of my Choice.
  • Explanation of the process
  • Scone and coffee (!)
  • Kindness, kindness, compassion.