Introducing phreesia

A Virtual, Contact-Free Check In Process

Eye Associates of New Mexico encourages patients to utilize our new online registration and check-in process prior to your appointment to limit touchpoints in our offices.

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What is Phreesia?

Phreesia is an application that manages the patient intake process, including mobile registration and payments. Mobile check-in allows you to conveniently complete pre-visit registration from your own device (any smartphone, computer or tablet) ahead of time and in the safety of your home, car or another personal space.

Why did Eye Associates of New Mexico partner with Phreesia?

Eye Associates of New Mexico is partnering with Phreesia to promote safety, save you time, and ensure that your information will always be up-to-date. The information you enter is private and secure and will help us to better care for you.

How it Works

We are introducing new technology for your convenience and to emphasize safety by limiting touchpoints in our clinics as well as time spent in the waiting rooms. This is called zero-contact intake.

Look for an email or text message a few days before your scheduled appointment from Phreesia, Eye Associates of New Mexico’s new check-in platform. Simply click on the link provided. No app, username or password will be required and you will be guided through the check-in process.

The system enables you to register for your appointment and pay any amount due ahead of your visit from the safety of your own home, reducing your wait time at our office and allowing you to securely register when it’s most convenient. Just let our patient service representatives know when you have arrived in the parking lot by replying to our message and you will be notified when you may enter the clinic for your appointment.

Phreesia Online Payments

You may now view and pay your Eye Associates of New Mexico balance online through Phreesia.

Need help? No worries. Our reception desk will still be staffed with representatives who are happy to help you with our new process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Phreesia system secure?

Yes. Phreesia provides industry-leading privacy and security for our patients’ data. They are held to the same standards as Eye Associates of New Mexico, related to protecting your health information. For additional information about Phreesia’s security, visit

Do we need to use the new system for every appointment?

Yes. But once you have completed the initial registration, subsequent visits will be much quicker because Phreesia saves your answers.

Do I need to download an app to do mobile check-in?

No. There is no app – you simply click the link provided in the text message or email, no username or password required. This allows you to securely answer any registration and medical questions necessary for your appointment.

Can I complete the forms in a language other than English?

Yes. Mobile registration is available in 20 different languages.

What happens if I can’t finish my registration before the appointment?

That’s okay. If you have not completed your registration before the visit, please see one of our patient service representatives, and they will send you a new link which you can complete in the waiting room. Don’t worry, Phreesia saves information you entered previously.

Do I still need to check-in when I arrive?

Yes. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please notify us by replying to our message on your mobile device from the parking lot. You will be notified via text when to enter the clinic.

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