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Here at Eye Associates of New Mexico, our team of retina eye doctors makes sure you are getting the best retina care New Mexico has to offer. While an eye exam is crucial for your proper diagnoses, we offer services for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears as well as flashers & floaters. With our many locations throughout New Mexico, make sure to schedule your next appointment with us.

As you visit our Retinal Specialists, you will note that oftentimes there can be numerous elements to your exam.

Human eye anatomy, retina, optic disc artery and vein etc. detailed illustration.

Please familiarize yourself with the following to ensure that you have a comfortable and informed exam:

Retina Specialists

Advanced Care Retina

Due to the growing demand for medical surgical services, providing access to specialty care can be a challenge in many areas of our country. Eye Associates of New Mexico is improving access to our specialists by creating care teams to meet this growing demand. While all optometrists at Eye Associates of New Mexico diagnose and monitor various retinal disease, we do have a select few optometrists that work very closely with our ophthalmology retina specialists.  This team of providers care for retina patients that require close monitoring and access to the most advanced medical and surgical care.

Patients referred into our retina service are cared for by our ophthalmology retina specialists and our optometry advanced care retina providers. This care team collaborates to provide access to the highest quality of medical and surgical care.

Advanced Care Retina Optometrists