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5 stars 5

5 stars 5
Can't say enough about this place. I haven't felt cared for top to bottom by every staff member I came in contact with at a medical facility in a long time. I am a bone marrow transplant recipient so I've been a patient for a couple years now in and out of offices and EA sets the standard. I originally went in because my left eye was blurry and my iris had turned totally white. It was a perferated corneal ulcer. My doctor, Dr. Himmel, was very upfront and honest telling me I needed a cornea transplant. Two transplants before I'm 30. How bout that? Right away I was in with scheduling. They did a superb job of explaining the surgery. Within a couple hours, boom! I was in surgery. Unfortunately, the infection spread under the cornea. I called their after hours number and right away the receptionist told me to come in. Dr. Himmel got me in right away that morning. EA's scheduling and front desk works magic and is super efficient. In the exam room he took a look for about 15 seconds and again, no bologna, let me know they needed to remove my eyeball. It was heavy information to get in such a short time but he did a great job of making it acceptable. What I really appreciated was that he delivered the news then right away got the ball rolling, hopped on the horn getting me into the removal surgery. I am a person who hates to be stagnate and at EA I never feel that. They keep you moving, they get things done. This whole process was a stressful addition to what I was already going through with my bone marrow transplant but EA made what I needed to do clear and understandable. I cannot thank and recommend Eye Associates enough, not only this Harper location but the brief interaction I had with the other locations I see the same work ethic. If you are looking for an eye doctor make this your first stop and it should probably be your last. Dr. Himmel is my primary, Dr. Sanchez did my corneal transplant, and Dr. Vroman removed my eye. This place has a large group of doctors I'm sure all them are top notch. This is the place you wanna go for your eye care, the way they helped me through this horrible part of my life I am eternally grateful and will recommend them to anyone and everyone!

5 stars 5
I've never had any problem with scheduling or rescheduling here. The staff has always been very kind and accommodating to me and the doctors thorough. I am pleased with the treatment I've received so far.

5 stars 5
Dr. Melendez from the Rio Rancho Office sent me to his northside office to get some more advanced corneal measurements for my upcoming cataract surgery. I was a 2+ month premature birth and have football-shaped eyeballs. But they're all I've got and was very happy Dr. Melendez had the equipment to help ensure the best possible outcome for me. I spent about 90 minutes with Karly, who was just great - so pleasant and clinically adept. She explained what she was doing, showed me copies of the tests and explained they all basically measured the same curvatures, but matching numbers among the tests helped confirm an optimal fitting lens implant. Just as I experience with the Rio Rancho office, I had no wait, was met by exceptionally pleasant staff, and could not be more pleased with my care. Karly is terrific and represents the practice in a strongly positive fashion.  Kudos!! Please hang on to her!

5 stars 5
Dr. Melendez was recommended by my internist when I recently relocated to NM from MI knowing I had bilateral cataracts needing rather immediate attention. I'm a retired health care executive and absolutely could not be more pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, and passion everyone I met brings to their jobs. The practice is busy with a full waiting room, but in my 3 visits leading up to my planned surgery in 4 weeks, my wait has never been more than 5 minutes. The techs are thorough and exacting - thanks Ronny! - and Dr. Melendez is just exceptional! Very kind, not rushed, and he and his superb surgical scheduler, Savannah,!made sure all my answers were questioned. I also saw Dr. Ramaiya, a retinal specialist, to continue my practice of 3-4 exams per year. Learned a lot about possible complications due to my severe myopia and retinal scarring. Also a 5-star experience and I will see him before surgery for a final check before my first surgery. Lastly, I'd like to thank Dr. Strosnider and his awesome tech who fit me for a soft contact lens that I'll use in my right eye to bridge the 2-month gap between my first surgery and when I'll be sufficiently healed for a final prescription.  With my strong correction, I've always seen an optometrist for my refraction exams to ensure the best results. If you have a high Rx, don't ever let your ophthalmologist write your prescriptions for glasses because refractions are  really outside his or her field of expertise! And they'll readily admit it! Dr. Strosnider got me dialed in and then made sure I was able to insert and remove the soft lens with ease - after 57 years in glasses, I've never been able to use contacts. He did a final check to make sure the lenses was fitting well, made a few subtle tweaks, and then gave me a sealed, sterile different prescription lens to bring to surgery, ample wetting and cleaning solution, a new case, and a trial lens to practice with pre-operatively. I'm a tough patient...I demand quality, patient-centered care because patient quality used to be my career prior to retirement, although it was in emergency medicine. I can not say enough good things about Drs. Melendez, Ramaiya, and Strosnider AND all the techs on their teams. World-class practice comprised of individuals passionate about patient care. A very pleasant, laid back atmosphere is just icing on the cake. I'd give them 10 stars if I could!  If you need quality eye care, head for Eye Associates of New Mexico!!

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