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5 stars 5
I had cataract surgery last week on my right eye, with surgery on my left eye scheduled in two weeks. At this point I would give 10 stars if I could. Dr. Weinstein and his staff have been thorough, courteous and compassionate. I can see beautifully with my right eye - without corrective lenses except for OTC reading glasses. I am 67 years old and have worn glasses since I was 6. (And hard contact lenses since I was 13!) The incredible details and the beautiful colors I can now see have blown me away. If you need cataract surgery, don't hesitate - and run to Eye Associates. I can't speak for other doctors there, but Dr. Weinstein is awesome. I can't wait to have my other eye done and toss my contacts away for good!

5 stars 5
I have had very good experiences here. First off, they take my insurance and most shops don't (Blue 20/20). Secondly, they have a fabulous satisfaction and parts/labor guarantee. I bought a pair of expensive glasses, progressives, all the options, etc. I didn't like the bows on the sides in the end. They 100% refunded them and let me start over. There wasn't even anything wrong with the glasses! They have always fit them well and the prescriptions have come out perfectly.<br><br>Furthermore, and more importantly, I have always had excellent Dr.'s there. I had a detached retina and was completely blind in my left eye. It was very far gone. Dr. Song completely restored my vision to better than it was before. I will go to the ends of the earth for that woman.<br><br>I have also had cataract surgery with Dr. Tina Waterberg. Another fantastically wonderful experience. Can't recommend these two women enough. Can't  recommend Eye Associates enough.

5 stars 5

5 stars 5
I just visited Eye Associates of NM yesterday in Santa Fe and saw Dr. Soloway. It was a very good experience and I would highly recommend. Wait times were very short, check in for a new patient was quick and efficient and friendly. I was most impressed by Dr. Soloway. I've been seeing an ophthalmologist since I was 3 years old and in my adult years I have struggled with the eye pressure tests. This is a bit embarrassing for me. He explained it all to me, why I might be responding in this way and just had such a nice bedside manor. I would highly recommend this doctor!

4 stars 4
I used this facility when I lived here. The service then was excellent and has been the reason I continued with this optical provider group in my current town. Today was rather disappointing. Folks seem too engrossed with their own paperwork than to perform patient care. Judy seemed the only shining light and at least acknowledge the patients while she was taking care of client.