Eye Associates of New Mexico

Gregory S.H. Ogawa, MD was a member of the invited faculty at the 2018 Cornea Fellows Educational Summit in early September. There are about 70 cornea fellows each year in the US and 80% of all the fellows attended this event. Dr. Ogawa lectured on both Iris Suturing and IOL Exchange. He ran a Macro Lab for all the attendees divided into four sessions with 14 fellows in each group. The Lab content and teaching devices were developed by Dr. Ogawa with a focus on iris suturing, sutured intraocular lenses, and corneal knot tying. Two other faculty members assisted Dr. Ogawa with the lab instruction.

The Cornea Society also has programing at the Summit that they call The Cornea Society University to help educate cornea fellows on other aspects of the profession including things like the types of jobs there are for cornea specialists – all taught by the entire Summit faculty.

This is the third time Dr. Ogawa has been invited to be part of the faculty for this event, and the fairly unique nature of what he teaches and how he teaches, seem to resonate both with the fellows and those organizing the event. He has already received an invitation to teach again next year when the 2019 Cornea Fellows Education Summit convenes in Atlanta – a little further from a hurricane threat area (the event last fall had to be postponed due to Irma).

Congratulations Dr. Ogawa on your recognition nationally as a teacher in your subspecialty as well as your patient care and teaching efforts here in New Mexico.